Anime North 2011 Cosplay highlights

This past Sunday I was able to attend the big Ontario Anime convention called Anime North. I saw a lot of merch and a lot more cosplayers. I was able to take pictures of nearly everyone I saw, and here are the best of the best. I apologize if you aren’t in this list – I saw some exteroniary cosplayers but the photos didn’t turn out well.


Misty – Pokémon


R.O.B – Nintendo Entertainment System

Jade – Mortal Kombat 3 onwards

Pokéball Bra GirlPokémon

Random NPC (nonplayable character) – Any RPG ever

Adult Rydia – Final Fantasy IV

Another Misty – Pokémon

A female Ash (Ashley?) – Pokémon

Yukari Takeba – Shin Megannmi Tensei – Persona 3

Li Syaoran and Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

Miles Edgeworth – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Me posing in front of awesome speedlines background – Epic win

Bakura & Okami – Yu-Gi-Oh! & Okami

female Goku – Dragonball Z

Li, Sakura, TomoyoLi, Sakura, Tomoyo – Cardcaptor Sakura

Missingno. – Pokémon Red/Blue

One of the Prince’ many cousins – Katamari Damacy

Solid Snake – Metal Gear series

Wall of Awesome – Dragonaball Z

This guy plays the Song of Storms! – Zelda Ocarina of Time

Slowpoke – Pokémon

Asuka Langley Soryu –Neon Genesis Evangelion

Bad Girl – No More Heroes

Elesa –  Pokémon Black/White

White – Pokémon Black/White

Ash and Misty – Pokémon

White Mage – Final Fantasy 1

Nagisa – Clannad

Rakka – Haibane Renmei

Litchi Faye-Ling – BlazBlue

Ash – Tales of the Abyss

I don’t know who this is, but the picture was pretty funny

Reimu, a Miko – Tohou Project

Dawn – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Protoman – The Protomen

I don’t know if this was cosplay or just a cute Japanese girl wearing a Sailor Fuku!

Marta Luald – Tales of Symphonia 2

White – Pokémon Black/White

Missingno. – Pokémon Red/Blue

Scorpion – Mortal Combat

This plushy cost $75! I just wanted to take a photo of this big spender

Dawn – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi – Digimon Adventure

Malon – Zelda Ocarina of Time

Tsukasa – Lucky☆Star

Shaymin – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Red – Pokémon Red/Blue

Meiling – Cardcaptor Sakura

Links – The Legend of Zelda

Leaf Green – Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen

Nurse Joy – Pokémon

Black Mage – Final Fantasy 1

Ciel Phantomhive – Kuroshitsuji.

Vocloaids, Poison


Onion Knight – Final Fantasy III

This girl is damn creepy, but awesome

Lil’ Link – Dwaaaaaaaaa

Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Samus Aran [dancing to the Caramelldansen] – Metroid

Felco – Star Fox

Marik and Ishizu – Yu-Gi-Oh

Hatsune Miku – Vocaloid

Yet Another Misty – Pokémon

N – Pokémon Black/White

Sheik – Zelda Ocarina of Time

Clover – Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Headcrab Zombie – Half-Life 2

So there you have it. The best cosplay I came across. I’ll definitively be coming back next year, and cosplaying myself. I’m thinking a certain blue robot with a strong sense of justice…


16 Responses to “Anime North 2011 Cosplay highlights”

  1. Beckafly Says:

    Ah cosplay. I had to laugh at the Missingno, that was unexpected and the little link was too cute. I really need to go to a convention soon.

  2. Random passerby here ~ :V Awesome photos (oh god the headcrab) – would like to mention that the image mislabelled as “Amy – Soul Calibur IV” is actually Clover from the game 999.

  3. The shadow lady Says:

    Ahaha just passing by. Good representation of the general awesome at AN, if I dare say 😀

    Lol, I was the missingno “shadow lady” in case you were wondering XD

  4. Hi xD
    Just wanted to let you know the “Yuna – Final Fantasy X” Is actually Nagisa summer outfit from Clannad.
    Thanks ~

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      thank you very much. I appreciate the correction. I was pretty sure that the character wasn’t Yuna, but I wanted to put something down. That cosplay was quite good and the cosplayer herself wasn’t too bad looking either!

  5. Akillarian Says:

    Thanks for sharing the picture. I didn’t take any picture at all the only day I went there. The short blue hair character with the tiny black hat, long tailcoat, black vest, black short is Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji.

    Oh my gawd. You actually caught me caramelldansen xD
    Good job sir. Good job.

  7. DaJacksterN Says:

    Woohoo! You got my friends Samus and R.O.B here – I was the Falco that completed the trio (you can kind of see my beak in the corner of Samus’ picture). Nice job!

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      For real?! Aw man! I feel extra bad now knowing now who you are from (your excellent season 0 abridged comes to mind) and also from the fact that I didn’t take a good picture of you. The one I got was blurry and unusable. Do you know if someone did take a picture of you? I’d like to add that in here.

  8. Pretty sure the girl in the pink dress with the bloody bat is Bad Girl from the video game, No More Heroes. She was such a pain to beat >.<

  9. homogenized Says:

    The miko is Reimu from the Touhou series of bullet hell shooters.

  10. Psnyder1012 Says:

    Just stumbled upon the site. Great pics!! Wish i had been there!
    Also, I believe the second pic from top with ?, is Babydoll from Sucker Punch

  11. The one in the red dress with split down the side is Gaap from Umineko no naku koro ni.

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