Legend of Zelda Link Sprite – In 3D!

So today I finished my super special secret project. Presenting Link from the Legend of Zelda for NES….

IN 3D!

Made of fusebeads, this was an experiment idea I got after playing 3D Dot Game Heroes. The beads are fused in layers then glued together. Link stands about 4 inches tall and is composed of several hundred beads despite his small size. I decided to take these photos outside in the woods behind my house. Very fitting don’t you think?

Additional photos below.

This project was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. I may visit the idea again sometime, but not right away. Anyway hope you guys like


2 Responses to “Legend of Zelda Link Sprite – In 3D!”

  1. way cool, good job

  2. Wow! Never seen a beadsprite in 3D before.
    Have you been to http://kyucon.com/qblock/ before?
    I made a thread of my favorites on Racketboy a while back
    I’d totally commission my model of bubblun to be made IRL if you’re up to it:

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