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6 Responses to “About”

  1. hi there:

    I’d like you to send me some files from your power pak Top25.

    But I don’t know how to get to your email so I’m writing here and I hope you read it


    • psychoholic420 Says:

      I’m in the same boat actually. If you could please get ahold of me. I really liked your top 100 list too. Great read. It made me buy 2 games and the PowerPak. Since the. I’ve just kept on hitting previous to read the rest of your articles. Thanks for the time you’ve put into these.

      Please get ahold of me

      • satoshimatrix Says:

        I have no idea if this is a spam comment or not. If it isn’t, please clarify your post.

  2. psychoholic420 Says:

    Yeah, not spam. My problem is that I have a MacBook, and as far as I could tell there is no ROM hacking utility for iOS, do I was wondering if you could send me that sweet Metroid ROM and the updated Gradius 1 & 2.

    I really appreciate your blogs. I have lots of time to read at work, and now Ive read them all. I look forward to your next 1, thanks

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      haha I didn’t even know I had an about page! I’ll have to edit this. Anyway yeah, you’re right, there is no ips patcher for mac. Macs usually trump PCs in every way, but gaming isn’t its strong suit. To patch roms you either need access to a windows pc or be running parallels. I’ll email you the files you asked for.

  3. Hi Satoshi Matrix!

    I’ve loved following your blog. I’m sad to see you have abandoned the postings for the top 100 gb/gbc games. I actually discovered quite a bit of good stuff through this!

    I cannot even comprehend how long those articles must take to write. I do have a small request though…if you are no longer planning new posts would you be willing to share so more recommendations? I have discovered quite a few gems of my own that I’d be more than happy to list.

    I know you must be busy, just thought I’d ask…

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