Top 100 NES/Famicom Games List: A Visual Recap

Before I get to the number #1 entry, I thought it would be a good to idea to recap all ninety nine other rankings first in an easy to use, convenient chart.

The games with Famicom icons are exclusive to the Famicom without official NES counterparts; the same could be said of the NES and Famicom Disk System entries.

Just click to enlarge!If the thumbnail isn’t showing up, click here.

See you soon with #1!

27 Responses to “Top 100 NES/Famicom Games List: A Visual Recap”

  1. StarDust Says:

    The thumbnail and link don’t show up in Firefox. You have the thumbnail set to 0 pixels vertical height, making it unclickable.

    I noticed you mentioned BattleToads on every countdown artical as an example of a game with level 10 difficulty, but it’s notably absent from the bottom 99 out of the top 100. Hmmm, I wonder what #1 is…

  2. You’re killing me with suspense, man! I’ve been following this list since the beginning almost, and I’ve been waiting all day to see what you put as #1.

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      follow me on twitter if you aren’t already. I’m @bradykachan. The moment I post updates it goes right up on twitter.

  3. LazzAron Says:

    Darn it, you promised to post a new entry every day!

    What happened to that?

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      Yeah sorry, I’ve been quite busy the last few days. Hopefully this will hold you over until I can finish #1. It’ll probably this weekend when I finish it.

  4. I can’t view the image on my first-gen iPad. 😦

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      That’s because it’s a massive image, 5255×3516. It’s probably beyond what the ipad can handle. View it using an actual computer.

  5. I am so curious to see what #1 will be! Anything that I would have put as #1 has been mentioned. I’m surprised kid Icarus, battle toads or rescue rangers have not been mentioned yet. Those would be somewhere in the 10-40 range for me. That’s why I’m watching this intently.. I ave no clue what game you will choose!

    You like Shantae as much as I do, I am thinking a metroidvania will be #1….but there are none left I can think of that haven’t been mentioned yet.

  6. I came to know the entire list today. I’m lucky – I won’t have to wait for so long! 🙂 I am also very curious. I never had a NES, but I played several of these games in the MSX computer.

    Thanks a lot for your great work with this Top 100 list!

  7. I’m predicting Dragon Warrior 3 or 4. I doubt Battletoads or Kid Icarus would make #1 because they’ve got a few difficulty issues that prevent them from being widely accepted by everyone.

    Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 were way better than Final Fantasy, IMO.

    • My new guess for #1 is Metal Gear. It’s got the depth and was ground breaking enough for a #1. Yeah I agree with you about Battletoads, the difficulty ruined the game. A good romhack could probably fix it, in the same veins as the BatmanEasy hack.

      • Hmm, Metal Gear, Really? Personally, I didn’t like that game too much because there were so many cryptic parts that I had to keep looking at a walkthrough in order to figure out. Who knows though, we’ll find out #1 very soon!

        Also, I downloaded the Japanese rom of Battletoads and I noticed that it’s much easier. The speed vehicle sections in levels 3, 7, and 11 are a lot slower and many of the obstacles in levels 4, 8, and 9 are either missing entirely or they were made to be much much easier. If only the American version had included that easier difficulty setting, then Battletoads would definitely have been more popular and it would be my personal #1 nes game.

    • mightybearseven Says:

      I also noticed that no Dragon Warriors have been mentioned. I can’t imagine how you could leave those, Battletoads, and Kid Icarus off a list like this.

  8. Yeah I noticed that the Dragon Warrior series hasn’t been mentioned at all, yet nearly every installment of MegaMan has made the list! This guy seems to love his platformers.

    My guess for #1: Ninja Gaiden.

  9. The suspense as to which game get’s the coveted number #1 slot is killing me!!!

    My vote would have been Super Mario Bros. 3, but as we can recall, that entry already placed number #3.

  10. My guesses for #1 are Gimmick!, Recca, or Ninja Gaiden. It really speaks to the quality of the NES library that there are so many great games besides the ones on this list:

    There’s the Dragon Warrior series, Super C, Rescue Rangers, Zanac, the first three Adventure Island games, the Lolo series, Rygar, Strider, Kid Icarus, Fire n Ice, Wrecking Crew, Faxanadu, Willow, the rest of the Kunio series, Dragon Spirit, Dragon Fighter (now there’s a hidden gem!), Rockin Kats, Conquest of the Hidden Palace, GI Joe, Kickmaster, Burai Fighter, Isolated Warrior,

    and also Hebereke, Bio Miracle Upa, the Twin Bee series, Over Horizon, Cocoron, Nazo no Murasamejou, the Fire Emblem games, Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti, and the list could go on and on.

    I hope his #1 spot isn’t Battletoads, because even if you ignore the broken difficulty balance, the game is still boring and poorly paced, like more of Rare’s games. Also, I hope he doesn’t give the #1 spot to something like Shadowgate that was just ported from another platform.

    I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

  11. Wonderful list sato, but wow… some of the omissions are baffling: Kickmaster, Magic of Scheherezade, Baseball Simulator 1.000, Faxanadu, Kid Icarus, Dragon Warrior 4, Rad Racer, Cobra Triangle… most of which I’d consider top 20 material.

    Still, it was a wonderful read.

    • oh, and Cosmic Epsilon

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      I didn’t “omit” anything – all of the games you’ve mentioned I’ve played, but none are top 100 material in my opinion. However, since you mentioned a pile of games, here’s my brief thoughts on each.

      KickMaster – A strong honorable mention. The visuals are great as is the music, and gotta love the Megaman-ish kick moves you learn as you play. I like it.
      Magic of Sceherezade – Nearly unpronounceable title aside, this game I never liked. At best its a poor man’s Zelda clone.
      Faxanadu – I like this game about as much as I like Zelda 2, which is to say that I don’t like it. It has some neat ideas, but it along with Castlevania 2, and Zelda 2 just weren’t flushed out or refined enough to hold my attention. It wouldn’t be until a decade later that the action platformer adventure style game would bear fruit – the excellent Shantae on GameBoy Color. If you think you like Faxanadu, do yourself the favor of seeking out Shantae.
      Baseball Simulation 1000 – Maybe I’m missing something here, but what’s special about this particular Baseball game? I don’t think I listed any of the NES Baseball games in the top 100 as frankly I’m not really much of a sports game fan, but if I were to list a Baseball game I’d either go Bases Loaded 3 or 4, Base Wars or Baseball Stars 2.
      Kid Icarus – I don’t know why people love this game. It’s not good, even on the FDS. It’s Metroid’s ugly, forgotten older sister!
      Dragon Warrior 4 – Yes, ALL four Dragon Quest games are worth playing. The question is: are they worth playing on the NES? I would say no – the remakes of these incredibly slow paced RPGs are far far more playable.
      Rad Racer – Really? This is as barebones of a racing game as you could get. It would be an insult to the others if I had included it.
      Cobra Triangle – Have you honestly played this game for more than 20 minutes? It’s a deeply flawed game from the time when Rare was throwing everything against the wall to see what stuck. This wasn’t one of them. Even with savestates, this game is incredibly frustrating. I didn’t like it at all as a kid, and to this day it remains a game I avoid putting in my NES.

      • I thought the art style and creature designs in Faxanadu were terrific. The wonderful thing about 8-bit is that realism is generally out of the question, so designers are forced to be creative.
        Regarding Baseball Simulator, there were “ultra” plays, hits and pitches, like loopy pitches, moon jumps by fielders and missile hits that would drill the fielders against the outfield wall. Plus, full seasons.
        Cobra Triangle was hard, but had varied gameplay, nice controls, and cool graphics. I actually played it a lot, and I believe made it to level 21 without cheating. Waterfall jumping was crazy and difficult.
        And Dragon Warrior 4 was much more faster paced than the original Final Fantasy, and better game overall, in my opinion.
        You make good points on the other games, although I still love them.

        BTW, while we’re at it, what about Solar Jetman and Wizards & Warriors 3? If you like Adventure Island 4, Legacy of the Wizard and Metroid, you must have appreciated W&W3…

  12. I see no Recca or Mr.Gimmick have you played them?? There both pricey for originals but beloved by most

    I’m disappointed there’s no Quest of Kai but I know opinions are like assholes… So no hate here good list my friend!

    • satoshimatrix Says:

      Recca doesn’t belong on a top 100 games list. Recca is WAY too difficult and short lived. Compared to other Famicom shooters like Gun-Nac or Gradius II or even early simple ones like Star Force, Summer Carnival ’92 belongs about as much as say, Nintendo World Championships 1990. It’s technically impressive, but I cannot recommend Recca as highly as these 100. Does that mean it’s a bad game? No, of course not. These are just the top 100 out of nearly 3000 games. In other words, these are only the top 3% of ALL games made for the NES/Famicom.

      As for Gimmick’s place on the list, look again 😉

      Quest of Ki isn’t a bad game either, just one of the runner’s up for this list. If I had to place it, I’d name it number #115ish. Good game overall.

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