Super Mario Bros. Mario Sprite – In 3D!

Well it looks like the Link idea was something of a Pandora’s box for me. Since then I’ve been flooded with requests for Mario and I’ve been happy to oblige. Hope you guys enjoy! Try to ignore the ugly tablecloth.

Looks just like the Mario idle post until…

you start to rotate…

Look Mario in the eyes…

…and realize his back looks the same as his front, except without buttons.

Mario atop my Question block storage box

With Link

Two great gaming icons meet

If anyone is interested, I can commission making these 3D models, but they take far far longer than the 2D sprites and as such, the costs are significantly higher. If you truly are interested, email me with an offering price and [maybe] we can negotiate a price.

email satoshimatrix [at] hotmail [dot] com.


One Response to “Super Mario Bros. Mario Sprite – In 3D!”

  1. the naked king Says:

    Holy crap! These are marvelous!!! I’ve failed with my 3D Mushroom so badly, so all credits to you!!!

    Check out my Blog:

    Keep up the good work!!!

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