Capcom taking votes for upcomming Rockman figures

A few days ago, Capcom Japan announced that the planned XBLA/PSN Megaman Universe has been canceled. However, Capcom Japan is offering something pretty cool for Megaman fans to somewhat make up for the loss of Universe.

The Japanese Capcom Rockman community forum is hosting a public poll with suggestions for upcoming Rockman figures. Votes are anonymous without any logins needed and it seems you can vote from anywhere in the world.

You can vote for three figures. If the character you want a figure of isn’t listed, you can type it in the text box provided, but remember to type the name in Japanese. The menus are in Japanese, but there’s a lot of katakana and should be pretty easy to figure out. Below the character voting box, it asks your age range, then your favorite Rockman series (Classic, X, DASH, etc.) The figures will probably be Japan only, but that shouldn’t stop you from hitting an import shop once these publicly voted figures hit.

I’m personally excited about the prospect of getting more DASH/Legends figures, although Zero series Ciel or Leviathan are fine too.

link here:


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