“Dream” Castlevania

One of the coolest discoveries in recent memory for 8-bit tech geeks like myself was indisputably 133Mhz’s Dream Mary tutorial, where ordinary copies of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt could be converted into copies of the illusive Famicom pirate Mario cart dubbed “Dream Mary”.

As soon as I heard of this, I set to task converting my own copy of Super Mario Bros. into Dream Mary. What a cool way to enjoy your favorite classic games in new, unique way that the designers had never envisioned.

I want to do this to as many NES games as possible, but there is a slight catch. Although not technically permanent, soldering and desoldering my humble NES collection isn’t something I am very comfortable doing. Instead, I intend to buy an extra copy of each game I will alter.
The first game was SMB into Dream Mary, and soon after, I bought another copy of Castlevania.

I’ve since recorded a short demo of my Dream Castlevania to show you guys. Hope you enjoy!


One Response to ““Dream” Castlevania”

  1. UninvitedGremlin Says:

    Whoa, wicked cool. Way to branch off of 133Mhz’s original idea and make another nifty game to play.

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