Finds #1

Today I decided to stop into my local used game store to see what they had. Spending a good 15 minutes looking around and not seeing anything, I thought I should check the cheap bin to see if there was anything worthwhile among the junk.

After shifting through some total shit, I came across these:

Mobile Light Force 2 and Impossible Mission II. Mobile Light Force 2 is Shikigami no Shiro 1 with a horribly westernized cover and Impossible Mission 2 is one of the rarer unlicensed NES games.

The best part? Mobile Light Force 2 was only $2 and Impossible Mission? FREE.

I normally don’t get such good deals. I’m feeling mighty good about myself tonight!

One Response to “Finds #1”

  1. Wow nice find on that unlicensed cart. I have heard that it’s quite rare! Maybe you can do a small review and rarity guide of such title. Congrats overall!

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