Megaman 2 Pixelart

Next, Megaman 2. The best game ever? Maybe. Its certainly a game that’s stood the test of time. These are my tributes to each of the eight robot masters from this classic title.

DWN-009 Metalman

Metalman’s Metal Blade is perhaps the most overpowered Megaman weapon ever. It can be fired in eight directions, consumes next to no weapon energy (WE) and most of the enemies in the game are weak to it!

Metalman sprite comes from Megaman 3. Could not find an idle Metalman sprite from MM2 I liked.

DWN-010 Airman


Airman’s Air Shooter fires three small tornadoes upward damaging airborne enemies. It works great on Crashman, but isn’t a great general weapon.

Sprite from Megaman 3.

DWN-011 Bubbleman

Bubbleman’s weapon is the Bubble Lead, either pronounced as the metal lead or as in what a leader does in the past tense. Either way, the bubbles travel along the ground before hitting their target. The weapon is rather useless but is actually the final Wily battle’s weakness!

DWN-012 Quickman

As his name suggests, Quickman is fast. Coupled with his weapon the Quick Boomerang he is able to leap about tossing small boomerangs that can be quite difficult to dodge.

This sprite comes from Megaman 3.

DWN-013 Crashman

I’ve never understood Crashman’s name. He is not a crash-test dummy and his power isn’t to collide with Megaman in a body slam type attack. Rather, his weapon is a time-delayed bomb much like Bombman from the first game, but it’s a projectile that will explode upon impact if it hits an enemy. Otherwise, it will attach itself to walls and explode a few seconds later, damaging any nearby enemies. His weapon absorbs crazy amounts of energy and can only be fired 9 times without refilling it with weapon energy.

This Crashman is color corrected when I wasn’t doing color corrections.

DWN-014 Flashman

Flashman is an upgraded version of Light’s prototype time robot, Timeman from Powered Up (MM1). Rather than simply being able to slow time, Flashman’s power is to completely stop it while still allowing him mobility. The problem with the Flash Stopper in the original NES version was that if Megaman  used it it has to be used in one shot. Once activated, you can’t deactivate it until all the WE is gone. If Capcom ever remakes Megaamn 2, they ought to fix this.

The NES Flashman sprite is mostly the wrong colors by being too simplistic. Since this was before I started color correcting sprites like crazy, only the top is his head was corrected.

DWN-015 Heatman

Heatman’s Atomic Fire can be charged up three levels in the same way the Mega Buster could later on in the series. It is also unique in being one of the only weapons in the classic Megaman series that could be charged up at all.

Can you feel the heat? Heatman was ironed a little more than I would have liked, but that’s because of his surrounding flames.

DWN-016 Woodman

Woodman’s weapon is the Leaf Shield. This shield protects the user from harm but is tossed as a large spinning projectile if they move.

Woodman is one of my favorite robots from Megaman 2. His sprite isn’t color corrected, but it doesn’t need to be. Too bad I didn’t add in his leaf shield. Maybe I will if I ever redo this sprite someday.

God I love Megaman 2.


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  1. NinjaNinjaman Says:

    It’s people Like you who make hard to find the ACTUAL INGAME SPRITES!

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